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I was sold a paperweight flashlight. Here's the chat log.

 6:50:42 PM        System:   Connecting...

 6:50:47 PM        System:   Connected to

 6:50:47 PM        System:   Your Reference Number for this chat is 95686

 6:50:57 PM        System:   Waiting for a Customer Representative...

 6:50:57 PM        System:   You are next in ***... Estimated wait time is 0 hours 0 minutes 8 seconds

 6:51:07 PM        System:   Marco L. has joined this session!

 6:51:07 PM        System:   Connected with Marco L.

 6:51:07 PM        System:   Welcome robert smart! My name is Marco L.

 6:51:07 PM        System:   How may I assist you today?

 6:51:11 PM         I waited patiently for over a week for this item to come, I get it and its as good as a paperweight. Now I'm not looking for a refund, long horrific rma process or anything alike, I just want the product I ordered in working fashion. I've placed countless orders through and hope you resolve this issue promptly. Frankly I'm pissed off but at the same token understand it happens. I'm just not in the market for waiting weeks on end to get working items.

 6:52:07 PM        Marco L.:   I have read your information. I'd be happy to help you. May I please have a moment to look into this for you?

 6:52:12 PM         k

 6:57:02 PM        Marco L.:   Thank you for waiting. Please kindly note that our warehouse send out all items as originally received from manufacturer. Did you insert battery to test the flashlight?

 7:00:02 PM        Marco L.:   I have not received a response from you for 3 minutes. Do you still want to continue this chat?

 7:00:08 PM        robert smart:   yes

 7:00:11 PM           of course

 7:00:35 PM           ive plenty of batteries the flashlight is DOA

 7:01:25 PM        Marco L.:   Do you still have the manufacturer retail box with UPC code attached and all the accessories? And could you please confirm your current shipping address?

 7:01:26 PM         I don't have much time here but if you want to send a replacement it's a good idea or I'll call visa/amex which ever one I used. I'm very dissapointed.

 7:05:07 PM        Marco L.:   Thank you for waiting. I have set up your return for a replacement. You will receive an email in 5-10 minutes with all the details and instructions. You will also receive a UPS shipping label via email within the next 24 hours. The label expires in 7 days, so please make sure you use it as soon as possible. Once we receive your return, a replacement order will be created in 2-5 business days. It may take an additional 1-2 business days for the order to ship.

 7:05:46 PM           If thats the case I'll refund it.

 7:06:28 PM           I'm not waiting 2 more weeks to get the item I paid for, so I will call the credit card compnay instead. If you change your mind give me a call or management @ 954-242-6844.

 7:06:37 PM        Marco L.:   I have changed RMA to refund. You will receive RMA confirmation email in 10 minutes.

 7:06:45 PM          Thanks, but your RMA process sucks.

 7:06:59 PM is where it belongs

 7:08:15 PM        Marco L.:   We apologize, but our RMA team needs to first receive and test return, they can then send out replacement.

 7:08:18 PM        Marco L.:   Is there anything else I can assist you with today?

 7:08:29 PM           once the item shows shipping info received you should be sending replacement not a week later.

 7:08:57 PM        Marco L.:   We apologize, but our RMA team needs to first receive and test return, they can then send out replacement.

 7:09:00 PM           Don't you worry I'll be sure to get this piece of rosewell junk back to you and blog our chat. BAd business.

 7:09:22 PM        Marco L.:   RMA#61218180 was issued for refund.

 7:09:32 PM        Marco L.:   Confirmation email will be sent to you in 10 minutes.

 7:10:07 PM          ?

 7:10:32 PM        Marco L.:   Is there anything else I can assist you with today?

 7:10:58 PM         what have you assisted me with?

 7:11:03 PM          Im unclear

 7:12:07 PM        Marco L.:   I have issued you RMA # 61218180 for refund as required. A shipping label has also been issued for return. Do you want to for replacement or keep RMA for refund?

 7:12:46 PM           are you a computer

 7:13:05 PM           or just working in the philipenes?

 7:13:47 PM        me:   You ought to follow the's RMA process it seems to be working out well.

Monetary Loss: $20.

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